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Specialist pregnancy exercise for a healthy, fit pregnancy and faster post natal recovery


FACT:  a healthier mom-to-be gives birth to a healthier baby!

Achieve a healthier you with the pregnancy exercise experts.  At Preggi Bellies we greatly improve the health and wellness of our moms - and their babies - with proven exercise & health management methodologies.  

It is a specialist pregnancy and post natal program developed by women's health experts and based on the latest international medical and exercise research. All exercises are safe, developed specifically for our classes, take place under expert supervision and serve a specific purpose for pregnancy wellness and post natal recovery.  Find out more >>>

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We follow the latest Gynaecological guidelines for exercising and pregnancy and are the only pregnancy and post natal training program that utilise a multi-discliplinary approach. Physiotherapists, doctors, occupational therapists and women's fitness industry leaders collaborated to create a program that is safe, effective and results driven.

Our primary interest is to ensure that both you and your baby are fit, healthy and strong.   Enquire Now

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Testimonial - Kirsty

“I had a beautiful, healthy baby girl 2 weeks ago on the 18th Sept, she was 3.48kgs at birth and all went well. She was born by C-section due to the fact that I had a C-section for my first baby. My recovery from the C-section has been 10 times faster than last time and I am positive that this is in no small part due to regular attendance at Preggi Bellies classes.

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Testimonial - Katie

I started my Preggi Bellies training when I was about 15 weeks pregnant - had I known about it sooner I would have started even earlier! I owe the Preggi Bellies team a huge thank you, because it was, I feel, largely to do with my training, that the whole experience was so 'easy' for me. Throughout my pregnancy, I felt energised and so fit and I was fortunate to go through it with no complications.

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Testimonial - Bibi

After 38 weeks of a rather hot and tiring pregnancy I delivered a beautiful little girl by C-Section on the 16th of March 2007. The reason for my email is that I want you to know that my recovery has been amazing it is now 10 days later and I don’t even have a scar I have lost most of my tummy and in fact lost 5kg within the 1st 7 days after delivery.

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Testimonial - Amy

Hi Guys. Here is a picture of our little Benjamin – born on Sunday 1st October at 5:30am – a bit earlier than expected. The birth was really great – quick and not nearly as traumatic and painful as last time.

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Testimonial - Christelle

Just to give a little background…. I had two car accidents in October & end November last year respectively. With the last accident I got hurt quite badly on the lower back and spine. With this, we also found out that I was pregnant; therefore they could not do much but prescribe bed rest.

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Testimonial - Chio

Firstly I would like to thank you for all your support and care throughout my training period. I joined the postnatal classes when my son was starting his fourth month and I was still suffering a lot of discomfort from a c-section. I must admit I was a bit sceptical as to whether the classes were for me or not.

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Testimonial - Andrea

Preggi Bellies definitely was a sane hour 3 times a week - there were loads of other people who were experiencing the same thing that I was, had suggestions on how to deal with them, and if not, then at least I knew I was not alone! I could exercise in confidence knowing that everything I was doing was suitable for me to be doing.

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Testimonial - Karen

Hi to all you wonderful people at Preggi Bellies Thank you for your email, I appreciate your ongoing concern. Thank you for the calls when I have been very upset or missed a class, I really appreciate it.

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Testimonial - Kerry

Preggi Bellies was literally my lifesaver. Nobody expects complications when having a baby but it sometimes happens.

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Testimonial - Louise

Your instructors deserve a big hug from all us - as do you - for all the support, friendship, kindness, exercise and challenge because it has added to the positive experience of being pregnant.

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Experts and clients agree that Preggi Bellies makes a massive difference.